Granny: Chapter Two

Play Granny: Chapter Two online for free with mobile cloud. Granny has locked you back up in her dilapidated home, and this time Grandpa’s going to help her keep you there. Prepare to have your heart leap out of your chest in Granny: Chapter Two, the Arcade title by DVloper that will make your skin crawl.


Trapped again in Granny’s house. But now Granny is wise to your scheming, and she has a new companion: Grandpa. Granny’s got the ears of a wolf, but Grandpa’s deaf as a bat. He makes up for it with a heavy hand and a propensity for violence.


Sneak your way out of the house again, taking care not to knock into objects or make any noise. If Granny or Grandpa catch you, it’s back to square one. Look for hiding spots in the wardrobes and mattresses. You have five days to escape. Good luck. is the perfect solution for premium Android gaming anytime and anywhere. No more waiting for downloads or long updates to finish. always has the latest version ready to play in an instant! lets you turn an ancient phone or a clunky laptop into a powerful gaming machine. This amazing service transforms any device with a browser and an internet connection into a premium Android device. is the ultimate platform for playing games online for free without downloading. Just click the ‘Play in Browser’ button and play Granny: Chapter Two instantly in browser!